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Right back here posting another app, it’s devoted to helping users scan checks. The problem many people face today is that they are handling paper checks in a digital world. Because of the advancements of technology we tend to spend time in places we’d like and less in those with seemingly little importance, which is why attendance to banking institutions is currently downtrending. However, all capital businesses are still using antiquated technology, including the paper check. I don’t visit storefronts or brick and mortar businesses because its out of my way, and why go out of my way - when everything is readily accessible? Yet a paper check requires me to go to my bank - wait in line for an atm - to transfer funds to my digital account - paper money is the real issue, but it’s too large to tackle, which is why the focus is on paper check deposit. Essentially, the ATM is reading the check exactly the way a smartphone can - using the camera and image recognition tools to properly assess a value before passing it along to other banking members to review. The opportunity is presently available in mobile technology, which offers the exact same hardware benefits as the ATM machine and even better. Instead of using the ATM to take and verify a photo, we can use our iPhones - and better yet, if we are getting users to open the camera application, arguably the hardest part of AR experiences, we can leverage AR in some form to enhance the experience - or better yet, the entire application can be augmented reality based.

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