App #14,


Today's app unlocks the opportunity to give charity throughout your day, through your iPhone, while still maintaining a humanistic component. The app works by receivers posting their requests to givers- First the receiver would describe their situation, “I need a few extra dollars for dinner tonight”, second the receiver would enter an amount they need donated “$10” - the Receivers request would then become available on the Givers screen, where the giver can filter through and choose a request that most resonates with him or her.

Once the Giver chooses a request, both the Giver and Receiver link-up and plan a spot to meet in person to complete the charity. When they are together – all they need to do is tap each others phones and the funds will magically transfer.

The app also works in retail environments, if you are looking to give an extra tip to your barista or bartender.

Lol, I force quit ‘Sketch’ while running the “Move To Library Plugin”, since it froze my computer, and now Sketch is not opening up at all - need to uninstall & reinstall the entire app. Beware of that plug-in. Now I re-downloaded sketch and I need to upgrade my mac to the latest software - to be able to open this new version of sketch… kill me.

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App #13, Foldable Display