#22 - Squirrle, An Easier Way to Rent


Mornin’ cadet. Mornin’ iPhone. Mornin’ Mac. Lemme take you out of your charger so you can get ready for the big day!

As a child of 7, if nobody’s in the house things seem kind of bland. I don’t really want to go to the office today, I want to go to Chelsea and work from Starbucks and also see some art. First need to figure out how I’m going to get there.

Btw, if u haven’t seen yesterday’s post - it’s pretty cool so make sure to take a look.

The shower is steaming so i’m going to visit it and make adjustments to the water temperature.

After a hot shower and a some car complications it looks like i’ll be spending the day in boring ol’ new jersey. Fort Lee to be exact. Working out of the office here might be a blessing of distraction free possibilities.

Today’s Business Focus

Opportunity in Ridesharing strategy app for drivers - how can drivers make the most money while driving passengers?

I’ve spoken to many drivers while in Uber’s and I’ve asked them about their specific strategy including:

• specific place that they start out in the morning - due to high traffic

• More quick rides (downtown)

• Less longer rides (airport)

• Trying to hit bonus levels incentivized by Lyft

Ok screw this, as I continue to browse my phone for additional ideas, I think I’m going to work on creating a Drone Rental Platform.

Initial Question:

Does the user need to physically see the drone before flying it

Or can they just access it on any time on their smart phone and the drone will meet the user at the inputted location coordinates

Should I scratch all this previous writing and start over?

Wtvr if you read this far…forget the previous text segments.

The beauty of drones is that you don’t need a remote to control it - you can control using your iPhone

(I wish my websites line spacing was thinner) - Time for some user research - this idea was inspired by the South Park drone episode and also by a school project I worked on about drones in the military

For consumer purposes, drones are widely used as cameras and are thought of more as a hobby than a necessity, but still sitting in the office now I would be down to rent a drone and fly it over the GWB.

I’m skipping research today and I’m going to work on wireframes animations and UI - for the UI I’m thinking a high tech look with bright colorful to signify important parts of the screen. I also need to come up with a simple drone logo -

I’ve expanded out the platform to be a general app to rent goods - products are placed in nearby lockers and can be rented out for as long as needed.

App is composed of 3 parts

  1. New Rentals

  2. Active Rentals

  3. Previous Rentals

New Rentals

I want to make it easy for users to find the exact product they are looking for, but at the same time I want to provide flexibility for users to see what other products are available for rent – and maybe try something they’ve never used before - like a cool digital camera - or even a drone.

Weird day… I kept on shifting through ideas to find the one I could work best, when I finally landed on the rental idea for some reason I had difficulty concepting it  – I spent all day making user flows, but couldn’t land the perfect app structure. In order to complete my app for the day, I’m going to take 5 screens and wireframe them on the computer and then create the user interface. Sometimes I wonder how this is my full time job, along with trading, which has been going well but the markets are……interesting right now. I am in need to start working with other people – other people keep my energy flowing. I love learning from others, sharing ideas and teaching them as well. I hope to get a job were all of those are possible, but for now I know I need to work hard to get there. I’m not sure how long it will take for me to get to where I want to be, but I know it’s in the air and g-d’s watching over me. Crazy how 0 people are going to read to this point, so in a sense this is a personal diary. Cool! In that case I can curse. FUCK

Here are the screens I’m going to design

  1. Active Rental Page

  2. Locker Location Map

  3. Locker Location List View

  4. Locker clicked Grid

  5. Item Page

  6. Favorites

  7. Rental History

Sometimes I forget to look at other designs for inspiration. Today I tried to figure out everything on my own without any research – it’s not the best idea. Doing research now. Designing is freaking tough. There are so many components. I’m just starting to realize how bad I am at it. I have the potential but I’m far from there. I need to watch more videos and go to more classes to watch other people design apps and learn from their process. It’s not a mind game, it’s practice. I’m putting in the practice, so stop judging me. Design is not human. Humans are not capable of designing by themselves because there are too many components, if you think you’ve figured everything out, you’re going to slow. I hate my computer, I love my computer.

___________________________________ ________________________

I’m going to separate lockers by category.

Finding a locker is going to be more of a questioner than a list.

Heading to bed, I have a lot of flying tomorrow, I’ll finish this app on the first flight and start the second one on my second flight. Cool, I finished the UI for the main screens for the app.

Here are the latest screens (finished them up in the air)

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 9.09.13 AM.png

Until Tomorrow,

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