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Good morning. I love the weather this morning. It’s a beautiful day. Were the clouds sit low, almost touching the ground and the air is slightly brisk like a cold iced tea in the summer. Oo where will I end up by the end of the day? Where will this post take me? I don’t know, but I do remember Steve’s Legacy. This entire project is in memory of Steve Jobs. Since apples not doing the best job of keeping his ideas alive it’s important that somebody in the ecosystem does. Today I’m going to focus on creating an interactive on-boarding process UI/UX and see where that takes me - perhaps create the rest of the app based on the concept.

The concept behind the app is very simple, it works by tracking your eating, sleeping and activity patterns to tell you what meal to eat next.

I’m going to first start by creating an off-the-bat user flow based on my initial thoughts - then research similar log-in processes - then re-approach user flow before moving onto wireframes and ui designs - hopefully I’ll get to designing core functionality today as well.

I watched a three and a half minute Johnny Ive video from Vanity Fair about the different lessons he’s learned from Steve Jobs - the number one lesson he discussed was focus and the importance of remembering your goal for the project without getting distracted - I will keep that in mind today and keep refocusing myself on the intention of my original goal of the day - creating a good on-boarding flow.


That’s my first go ahead at the user flow and now I know what specific locations I need to research. But I also realized that I want to create a brief tutorial on how to use the app directly after the on-boarding - I’m also questioning whether I should offer the user allow access before using the app or what til they try and use the functionality - the ladder is probably more efficient.

In a Planio post by John Mackay he discusses 9 steps to efficiently create a user on-boarding process. On step 3, he references Nir Iyal’s idea of creating hooks for the user, the more the user takes the hooks the more likely they’ll become habits.

  1. Trigger - pop-up that takes the user to the app

  2. Action - choose the meal that you want most

  3. Reward - instantly users get food selections for where to buy the meal or specific ingredients and they get to see how that meal specifically impacts their body that day

  4. Investment - We understand the users eating habits based on their activity and can easily showcase better meals for them or other users in the future.

I’m starting to think that I need to create a few core screens before proceeding with the on-boarding - but that may shift my focus - I can always create the screens later and revise the user un-boarding, but right now I’m going to look at other examples instead of reading conceptual theory about onboarding - because that’s making me nervous.

I have a set of wireframes and a general idea of the log-in process.

iPhone XS.jpg

Today I was distracted. New York is distracting. After going to the dermo, i was tempted to visit the cooper hewitt design museum so I did. I need to get back on my original schedule that I planned and make some adjustments to it - but it really was helpful for me the first few weeks - then I got too comfortable. See you tomorrow, early. Peace

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