#18 - Navigating Grocery Stores Sucks

My mother pointed out this problem to me. It’s extremely difficult to navigate grocery stores – “Everybody’s roaming around wondering what aisle each of their products are in.” Walking through a grocery store is like an endless maze. The biggest problem for my mother is trying to figure out what aisle her shopping list items are in - while my biggest issue while shopping figuring out what items I want in the plethora of choices.

My solution to this problem is to create a supermarket app that links up to your shopping list through your local supermarket and gives you the best way to navigate the aisles in order to most efficiently shop for your products. The system will inform the user of the location and aisle of each product and also give you the best route to take. To take the idea a step further and solve my problem, I will include a portion of the app devoted to creating your shopping list - which will include recommended items, most popular and search. The app will also keep track of store inventory so you can know before you get there if the item is in stock. I am continuously going to keep AI in mind to help improve the flow of the user experience.

I’m going to start with a few User Flows on pen and paper, transition them onto the computer using draw.io, then head into creating the wireframes.

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 6.51.45 PM.png

I’m not satisfied with how simple the wireframes and userflows are and I don’t feel they accurately display a solution to the problem, so I’ve created a new set of user flows that provide a better idea of how the typical user may interact with the app.

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