People Plotter...App #15 continued

Continuing Yesterdays Research Work…I really want to work on cool UI stealing - but, I should finish this research project

Personas & Empathy Maps

User research has allowed me to better understand the average user. Based on my findings I am able to create Personas and Empathy maps to understand a user’s perspective.

aArtboard Copy 2.png
Artboard Copy.png
bArtboard Copy 3.png

Content Strategy

Being able to define what the user would like in terms of functionality would help me develop plans to create the app’s main features from a user’s perspective. In order to deliver a product with a clear message these stories must be categorized into the desired scope using minimum viable products:

Card Sort

After the basic needs of the app were determined, the next step was to create a flow that the user could understand and navigate. In a card sorting activity, using OptimalSort, potential users were asked to organize the user stories into categories which made the most sense to them. This card sorting activity was able to give me the feedback needed to understand how users would interact with the app’s features.

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 2.00.40 PM.png

Site Map

After the card sorting experiment, I was given enough information from the MVPs and user stories to visualize what the screens and basic features would look like, which was created with


User Flows

I created 3 scenarios for my personas to navigate based on their goals and as shown by their empathy maps. The user flows shows how each step can allow for a user to reach a desired goal while using the app. The three user flows consist of:

· Login/signup

· Choose Location

· Current Chat

Log in/Sign-up



Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 4.23.27 PM.png

Choose location


current chat


I feel I have completed the user research portion of todays project, and will stop there <#

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App #15, People Plotter