App #15, People Plotter

Today, I want to copy the framework Santiago Dimaren used for “Designing a Text-To-Speech App From The Ground Up” in order to learn his design process - and take bits and pieces of processes to make my own arsenal.

So, here we go.


Designing a location based group chat, that establishes a sense of community between the users and connects you with people nearby


People are constantly out in public alone, whether they’re quickly grabbing lunch, recently moving into a new city or just hating their friends. The need for another way to meet new people should be considered. Most user experiences focus on connecting you with old friends, or 1 on 1 connections, but the experiences lack focus on the powerful group dynamic that can assist on meeting new people.

Many also lack the time to meet new people. Allowing the possibility to hear what users want while doing activities, will allow for a higher engagement of consumption.

As someone who recently moved to a new city, I always wanted to find an app that lets me find new friends with the comfort and confidence of others around me. If there was an app available like that, what would it be like and what kind of chats would it allow?


Most users know who’d they like to meet by going to a particular location. Everyone has their niches, be it concerts, coffee shops or conferences. Allowing users to meet others in these locations will incentivize them to socialize about their interests.

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User Research

I started out the research assuming that the people that will be using this app are young-professionals aged 18-25, as this demographic is constantly traveling and inundating with difficult decisions about their life. It is also during this time that users try to set their own path and breakaway from their previous friend groups - looking to find others that better suit their personality. After conducting a research plan, that includes interview questions and a user survey, I set out to conduct my user research. The online survey includes 12 questions and I was hoping to find insight on my user demographic and socializing habits. Since I only have a day to make the app - I created the survey questions in order to practice those skills, but I will not be able to receive responses in time to analyze them and implement in the app, but instead I will use the interview questions to guide my app.

Interview Summary

Users expressed interest in a tool that would use your location to connect you with people around your location (such as a concert), that would not make them vulnerable to striking up a new conversation out of the blue.

Some were concerned about the potential of meeting somebody dangerous and would like to make sure all security issues are probably dealt with before meeting the person.

The need to create a deeper connection between the users was also expressed with features to help them better understand the users they are interacting with, such as a summary as to why they are at the current location.

Pain Points

Based on the survey and interview research, the results indicate that:

• Users want to group chat with the entire location

• Users want to customize group chats to be specific to their chosen topic

• User want to be able to privately message other users

• Users want to have the ability to meet up with others in person

Competitive Analysis

In effort to learn from the strengths and weaknesses of each apps, I conducted analysis of the apps Hppn, Slack and Cozy messenger. I chose each app because of similarities concept, interface and user engagement.

I evaluated the competitors by focusing on 4 of the 10 Nielsen Norman Group’s Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design:

· Consistency and Standards

· Recognition rather than recall

· Flexibility and Efficiency of Use

· Aesthetic and minimalist design

Tablet Copy.jpg
Detailed Heuristic Analysis

Detailed Heuristic Analysis

Some initial aspects that I would keep in mind while creating my user interface would be:

Only display local groups and do not use map view

Allow user to easily sift through different chat topics

The app should be as visible and as minimal as possible with clearly indicated UI

Interaction is fast and seamless without the need to figure out how to accomplish task

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