Gone boardin”

It snowed again, for the second night in arrow and today is sunny. Going to take advantage of the weather and head to Breckinridge. I’ll brainstorm the post while riding and work on it tonight. Today, I get to enjoy the flexibility of being my own boss.

Also, check out the new pages. I’ve extended my website to also include music photography and art all of which I plan to work on throughout the week.

Some thoughts I had over the weekend:

Collaborative temperature and home control / Airplane seat control 

group convo with those around you 
Bike lines are shitty skiing is expensive. Lots of private paths - but they need rides up or snowmobiles Problem - ski slopes are packed Solution- ski lifts limit traffic flow to a certain speed Age verification with Face ID. Music for charity —- art for charity (similar to thesis but spinoff) Avg time spent on toilets now vs 1980

App #15, People Plotter

App #14, Tippr.me