App #1, Buy Car

The problem with all the cars on the marketing of varying styles, price ranges and functions it is difficult for people to decide the right car for themselves.

Current Solutions

“Spin – Car Buying App”

Provides Valuable information on cars such as MPG and Safety features to assist with the sale. Purchasing is also done through the app. The problem with the app is that it is a bit general and easy to get lost in the specific details because the info isn’t directly geared towards car purchases. I feel that the app should be focused on helping the user find a car vs actually trying to sell them a product - once sales start to get involved the apps intentions become jaded.

“Shift  – browse used cars in the area”

Shift allows users to browse their local area to find used cars on the market. Shift connects you with local listings and provides pricing based on the posters valuation. I feel the problem with this app is that it doesn’t show you cars relevant to your interests - and it’s scope is limited as it only focuses on cars on the area .

When buying a car there are 2 steps . Step 1 is finding the car you want and step 2 is actually going ahead with the purchase and deciding where to buy it from at the correct price. Most apps focus on both aspects. “Buy Car” will focus solely on step 1.

Here are some preliminarily wireframes and app studies that I worked on before proceeding to move onto a more final looking wireframe on Sketch.

User On-boarding

I spent a lot of time on the User On-Boarding I feel it’s the most personalized way to have the user input the necessary information in regards to their car preferences.

Screen Focus Activity Profile

iPhone X Copy 7.jpg

By linking Car Buy to apps that you normally use and that encompass relevant information towards your next car purchase , such as Google Maps or Apple Health Kit - We can assess your daily activity patterns such as previous locations and time driven, and use that information to help find you a car that suits your daily needs.

User Profile

Once on boarding is completed the user profile will consistent of “your garage” which will house all suggested cars and your favorite. I thought of it like a video game - where you keep all your cars and have access to them in the future. You can also view the car in 360 degrees by dragging the slider - or if you are interested, you can see it in your room, utilizing Apple’s AR Kit - helping you get a better gauge of how the car actually looks in person – since it’s difficult purchasing a car online, AR will help better establish a personal relationship to the car even though its not actually present. The user also has access to his or her “activity profile” where they can see the different connected apps and what information is being used in order to suggest a car. You can also add or subtract apps from the menu - the more apps the more customizable.

And that’s it for today. Since it was my first day working on this initiative I don’t have an ironed out plan on how I want to continue, but regardless I wanted to post this project to get things started. It will be interesting to see how my apps progress along with the process of creating an app every day. From concept to research to wireframes to designs it’s going to be quite the journey. I look forward to starting a new day and a new app tomorrow.

My planned schedule – I will be working on apps 10 hours a day, I plan on shifting my wake-up from 9am to 6:30am - so I can get started working on the app by 7am and finish work at around 5pm. This is going to be quite the adjustment, but I look forward to keeping this site updated on how my schedule is going. My plan for tomorrow.

7-8am - Developing idea / preliminary writing

8-9am - Research concept and similar apps

9-11am - Work on rough User Flow / Wireframes

12-1pm - Hi Fidelity Wireframes on the computer

1-2pm - Polish Up wireframes and research and add finishing touches to the concept

2-3pm - Research User interface - ie. fonts, colors and styles

3-4pm - Develop User-Interface

4-5pm - Organize research and publish app on blog, any necessary explanatory writing.

It’s currently 7:30 and I barely got anywhere on the app today. This shows how important the schedule is going to be. My brain needs to get accustomed to the schedule - and I’m sure it will after a week or two. I am passionate to make this project work. I hope this body of work will showcase my passion for creating apps and businesses that connect the world. My dream is to end up at Google where I can work with like minded designers on creating products for millions to access – my energy and vibrations are on that frequency– and this is my first step.

Until tomorrow,

App #2, Morning Marathon

An app a day keeps the iPhone away