November 14, 2018

📦People Plotter…continued

I am writing this the night of the 13th, Tuesday the 13th. Right now, I think I’m going to continue on the app research that I started on today. I want to create a cohesive User-Researched App from start to finish. You may ask, “I thought you were going to make an app/day” in response to that inquiry, I will make an additional app on Sunday to make up for it – but what about Monday’s app – I will pretend I observed veterans day and call it.

Good-morning ☀, I’m speaking to my ex-Parsons professor in 5 minutes to hear his thoughts regarding my site – I’m pretty nervous. It was a nice call and appreciated his feedback. Some of his thoughts include:

  • Changing the layout back to the original grid view 

  • Focusing on the problem -> solution or opportunity -> solution 

  • Switch the product name - to the problem I am solving 

  • Highlight specific actions for the day (ie today i'll be focusing on User Research, wireframing, user flow, etc…) 

  • Browse projects and steal any UI that I find attractive and implement into my app designs 
    Take UI's I like and without shame - recreate them 

  • In the near future, create more visually appealing portfolio that links to this site 

November 13, 2018

📦 People Plotter


🎵Love Song


Today I’ll be reviewing some of the design research I focused on this weekend as well as working on an app to solve the problem of meeting new people. Hopefully, when I get back home tonight I can finish a song that I started working on last night. The chord progression is interesting and I need to put a vocal melody on top – so expect that to be up as well. Links to both projects will be added to the newsfeed. I will be updating this page throughout the course of the day – but any comments specific to a project (Product research, Product design) will be added to the corresponding page (Product Page) . Any personal comments will be placed here.

I need to continue working on the user experience of the website. I like how the newsfeed holds the main content of the website and link you to the projects of that day – but I’m struggling on how to manage the project pages. If the user clicks ‘today’s product’ they will be brought to that products page - but do they also want to view pasts projects – And how would that look? I think I need to do some user research specifically targeting my website - and what users are actually looking to accomplish on my site. I’m speaking to an old professor of mine from Parsons tomorrow morning and I’ll gather a list of questions to ask him and post them here.

It would be helpful if you could answer some surveys questions to help me getting a better understanding of how you are using my site.

Today’s research took up my entire day – it was difficult working with an entirely new format - but I think it can add a lot of depths to my projects – I want to continue working on it tomorrow as I know it will be beneficial for my work.

November 12, 2018

Snowboarding I went, this morning time. It snowed 3 inches Sunday night, so today Breckenridge was calling my name. “Andy, Andy, Fresh snow, no lines!,” said Breck. I took the Gondala up with a women who works for the AF Space Command, soon to be Space Force. I enquired about how she was able to take a day off – and she broke the news, “today is Veterans day! Not only did my dreams of the perfect mountain shatter, but I offended an entire girls dreams. All she hopes for is to become a Veteran, all she hopes for is to be noticed . And it takes a shmuck like me to let her know that nobody actually cares about Veterans Day.  – I still had a good time, but it wasn’t perfect, nothings perfect, except fresh powder. POW BRO, POW, we used to say as little children. I’ve learned over my delicate years that this quote encapsulates many years of dedication and hope for the future generations. Without further ado, I want to welcome our last speaker, “Jon Villaps.” Jon smirks at us and says - “Thank you all for having me.” - We all knew that he wasn’t welcomed. He’s just one of those guy that never makes everything seem like a burden . And as he started talking I realized that I wasn’t at the speech, I was at the mountain. It took me a minute to make sense of the situation, but I got used to it. I took a deep breath and for a brief moment I know longer heard his voice, I was free.

Check out todays app, “Gone Boarding